When someone goes to the doctor and is prescribed a medication, the last thing they usually imagine is that the drug they are going home with, which is supposed to help them, is going to make them even sicker than they already are. But this is exactly what happens more frequently than pharmaceutical companies like to admit because ultimately, these major corporations are more concerned about the money they are making than the impact their choices and actions may have on an individual’s life.

Our legal team understands how shocking it can be to learn that you now have a serious medical condition because another party failed to properly test their product or failed to warn the medical community and public of the drug’s potential side effects.  We believe anyone harmed by a drug deserves the opportunity to seek justice and compensation.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

One of the first questions each of our clients has asked themselves is “Do I really need a lawyer?” and the answer is, that in most cases, working with a lawyer may be the only way you are able to obtain compensation.

We understand how important each and every case is. From the moment a client contacts us, we strive to provide them with individualized service that typically includes:

  • the tools of a lawyer.going over the facts of the case thoroughly
  • identifying all legal methods of obtaining compensation
  • speaking with insurance companies on the client’s behalf
  • reviewing all medical expenses and other losses to determine how much a client may be owed
  • handling the necessary paperwork
  • negotiating settlement offers
  • preparing a client for trial

Our goal is to take some of your stress away, not add to it. We take pride in making sure that we communicate with our clients every step of the way so that there are no surprises.

Free Consultations

Our lawyers are fully aware of the fact that many people avoid seeking help because they are already under financial stress and don’t think they can afford to work with a lawyer. That’s why your first consultation with us is free. In addition to this, we work on a contingency fee which means that you don’t pay us until we win your case for you. Then, the previously discussed fee will be taken directly out of any settlement or verdict obtained. This way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from seeking justice.